Sunday, July 13, 2008

the question was

What do you want from our leaders?

i want absolutely NOTHING from them!
i don't need them to tell me what to do.
i want to make my own decisions about my own life.
i would like for all authorities to recognize that
they can't make decisions for anyone but themselves.
i would like for everyone, not just the so-called leaders,
everyone to heal from past abuses and
childhood indoctrination into obedience and control.
and then we can all be free.

once there is no longer any government to support it,
war will cease to exist.
So this is my final answer to the question:
i will accept nothing less than that, if they expect my support.
i have yet to find a leader worth following.
maybe they are out there somewhere.


i do not believe in politicians. i do not believe people should vote to give their decision-making rights away to government. i do not believe anyone needs to be governed and ruled and controlled. i do not believe in majority rule. i believe everyone should be free.

fixing the old system which is broken is not a viable option. how can we depend on government to fix the problems it has created? we cannot. history shows us that. history shows that replacing the old rulers with new ones does not free anyone. we do not need to figure out a way of making the old system work, it won't work, it never has, and it never will. what needs to happen is we need to stop trying to control everything, and allow a natural system to emerge.


Building a new order is not the way. Allowing a natural order to emerge is the only answer that is not inherently flawed. It is mankind's sick desire to control everything that has gotten us into this mess. No human person is higher authority than any other person's innermost guide. We do not need to be governed, controlled, manipulated, and abused by authority figures who think they should make decisions for us. We can choose to be autonomous and free instead. It's a choice each person must make for themselves, though, else it just doesn't count.

Freedom is within our grasp. Please let us not screw it up by playing into that same control game that got us where we are today. Replacing the old rulers with new ones will not free anyone. History has shown us that, over and over and over again. It's time we learned from past mistakes and do things differently. For the children.


politicians are not leaders, they are rulers.
rulers are people who want to lead.
leaders are people others want to follow.
big difference.