Monday, September 21, 2009

names and words and pieces of paper

the NAME exists as a word on paper (see ). that's all it is. it is the belief in the paper's authority over our lives that gives it any standing.

a calling is something different. it is the name spirit whispers out to each of us. nobody else can hear it, yet it is the breath that blows down the house of cards.

just ask alice.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

why worry?

i worry about the globalists' plans for world domination. but i'm not letting it go. i'm certainly not forgiving them their abuses against all of humanity. you want to tell me i should just get over it, that there's nothing i can do about it. but you're wrong. there's plenty to worry about when a war is being waged against all of us. denial won't make it go away.

where are the veterans of war? why are you not talking about what you experienced, so that we might know what war is really about? why do your voices remain silent? how will that help? if we don't talk about the past, if we refuse to learn the lessons, we will continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. we don't have to let the war continue. we can make it stop. open someone's eyes today. tell them something they didn't know or were afraid to think about. what are you so afraid of?

a few years ago, when i started blogging about conspiracy stuff, my husband grew fearful, worried the government would come and get me. well, that never happened. sure, they censored me, deleted my comments, they sent their trolls to try to derail my conversations at various message boards, and sometimes even in the comments of my own blogs, but that didn't hurt me any. actually, their antics only proved the conspiracy was real. but i'm no threat to anyone. i live here in tennessee with my husband, two kids, and a dog, we're not bothering anyone. were the army to come marching up my street to forcibly remove me from my home, then people might have to start looking at my words a little more closely, to see where the perceived threat could be found. the bad guys aren't gonna get you for speaking your mind.

that is where freedom starts, in the mind. your fears prevent you from saying what you really think, this reinforces the groupthink mentality that is presented as public opinion. it's all bullshit. what you think everyone else thinks has been fed to you through mass media and marketing (propaganda). it's everywhere, the lie is. but you do have truth within you. if you are afraid to share your truth with others, you only help perpetuate the lie.