Sunday, June 19, 2011

he is not gone (a poem for father's day)

well, i think you are wrong.
*my* daddy never went to heaven.
he's right here and he always will be.
he is in my blood,
and he is in my children's blood.
and everytime i look at my children,
i can see him in them.

how sad for you that your dead people hated living here
so much that they leave and never come back
my daddy is with the ancestors now.
maybe you can't hear the voices of your ancestors
like i do, but they are in you, too.
in your blood.
if you are afraid to see yourself, who you really are,
you will never ever know your ancestors.
because they are you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

waxing poetic

i am a poet who sings about freedom. you don't have to like my song, it isn't very pretty. i never asked anyone to sing along with me. you have your own song to sing. if you would stop chanting the mindless chorus that is manufactured opinion created through propaganda, you might hear it, your own song, inside yourself.