Saturday, September 22, 2012

pride and prejudice, status and privilege

the winners of war write history
and they make themselves the good guys
and the other guys they make the bad guys
but those other ones

they didn't think they were the bad guys
such twisted history creates shame
because abuse demands that you blame
somebody else...

Friday, September 14, 2012

dance! sing! let your voice be heard (repost)

just because *you* can't hear the tune
doesn't mean there is no music at all

and those who question the official doctrine
are branded as heretics
and their words are censored
lest anyone hear what they are trying to say
and start to question authority.
and the fear that binds
is enforced through threats
of whatever might do the trick:
you will be kicked out of the group,
you will be alone, unhappy,
or suffer eternal damnation
should you not repent and beg forgiveness
for the sin of doing your own thinking.

friendstacy, 27 june, 2010

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

how to control people and rule the world

1) divide people up into groups,
2) set those groups to fighting each other.
3) collect taxes from them all to pay for it.

it takes two eyes to have depth perception

the right eye
doesn't fight
with the left
over which image
to believe is true
they work together

we don't have to agree.
maybe we just see things
a little different,
from different perspectives.

you don't speak for me

they have bajillions of dollars to advertise their political campaign. why are you doing it for free? are you being paid for your opinion?

and couldn't they think of better ways of spending all that money, IF they really wanted to help people?

if their opinion is bought and paid for and if they don't really want to help people, how can you say any of them represents you?