Saturday, February 27, 2010

rant on religious mindfuck

(copy and pasted from my facebook acct)

yeah, but this time i copied my comment before i went out for a smoke. and when i came back found it (and my "friend") deleted...(edit to add: now it's back again, so my apologies, maybe it was a facebook glitch, how odd). so here you go! nobody wants to talk about religion because nobody wants to think about it.... so don't post your stuff public if you don't really want to know what people think about it. so go ahead and delete me now from your friends if you have a sick need to inflict your sick religious doctrine upon my personal spirituality.

a one-god religion (or one of three one-god religions) has dominated this planet for a very very long time. the reason some cultures believe in many gods might just be because there are many gods, not just one. to try to fit other people's beliefs into your religious framework equates with cultural genocide! this is what christianity did to the native americans, and we are still hurting from it. and the christian civilization that came and stole this continent is still doing it! and not only that, they think it's a good thing when they do it. i do not wear green on st patricks day for the very same reason. i don't think it was a good thing when the catholics destroyed the irish culture, and civilized the heathens. sorry. it's not all the same. religions wage war, religions dominate and exploit and oppress, religions tell people what to do, what is right and what is wrong, and promise you rewards for good behavior and severe punishment should you not... that is abusive behavior (go check any domestic violence website, it's all the same). my gods do not act that way, but some people do.

i was raised up christian. my daddy was even a preacher, just like my mom's father. i know what the bible says. i went looking for answers and read the whole darn thing, twice, all the way through. i also know that "elohim" is a plural word. and that in the bible, god doesn't say he's the only god, he says "thou shalt not worship any other gods before me"

i was not given the beliefs of my ancestors, i found it myself. and it wasn't an easy task. i looked everywhere, i read everything i could find, and still the only place i ever found any answers was looking within. that right there is the only similarity between my beliefs and your new-age one-world-religion to match the one-world-government that is in final stages of preparation.

your newage gurus can't give to you what you are seeking. the politicians can't do it either. they can tell you what they think you should do, but you will never find freedom through playing follow the leader.