Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i am a refugee in my fathers' land

so they told me i was a christian. i asked what does that mean? they said it means you believe in what the bible says. so i read the bible myself, and i didn't agree with it. and decided i was not a christian. and they told me i was an american. i asked what does that mean? they said it means you agree to obey the law in return for being allowed to live here. so i read the law, and i didn't agree with that, either.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

control and a spiritual heirarchy

(originally posted 3 january, 2010)

shall we call it goodthink?
the belief in some sort of higher consciousness...

i'm not buying it

go ahead, tell me i'm wrong
quote your favorite guru
you have no thoughts but the ones put there by authority
and you are allowed no option but to blindly obey
you attack anyone who threatens the safety of your herd
because you know, deep down inside, you are afraid

indoctrination into any belief system is spiritual abuse
no matter the religion
they all rest upon threats of punishment
should anyone question the authority
that claims the right to tell us what to think

it is the nature of the brainwash program
to deny that it exists
you cannot heal from abuse
if you deny it ever happened

just because we have all been horribly abused
is no excuse for doing the same to anyone else
we can heal, we can make it stop
but not if we look to any group or leader to do for us
that which we are too afraid to do for ourselves