Wednesday, September 28, 2011

doesn't matter

it might be today
and if it's not today
it might be some other day
doesn't really matter
not really
doesn't change what already was
and sometimes i cry
and sometimes i don't
doesn't matter

Sunday, September 25, 2011


gratitude for the inner voice,
there's something inside me that knows truth from lies,
and it doesn't really matter what anyone else says.
but the things they say do hurt, sometimes a lot.
when people assume some kind of authority,
to tell me what i should be thinking, how i should feel,
what i should do. who i should be
...that hurts most of all.
they call it helping, but it doesn't help.
i don't need to be more like them.
there's nothing wrong with being me.

grateful to be me
thank you

friendstacy rants on non-violence

(from sep 12 of this year)

"non-violence" historically refers to passive-aggressive methods of control, not to any kind of real peace. to call them "peacemakers" these men who make psychological war against entire nations of people, is an offense against all my sensibilities.
and even with the contradictions staring you in the face, yet you still cling to the lies.

if you didn't have the power of the group standing behind the things you say, would it still have any meaning? would you could you stand up for the things they tell you to believe, the things you claim are true? are you a human, or are you simply a parrot who has been trained to repeat fancy words?
(i shouldn't say that, parrots deserve more respect than that.)
would you could you stand up, alone, for the things you say you believe are true?
or can you only offer fancy quotes, things other people told you to believe?

grouplings are cowards and bullies
of course, it is in the programming that they must deny that is so.

can you imagine the ruckus that would ensue as a result of bullies admitting they are cowards? why, they would have to stop treating people like shit, wouldn't they? and then what would be left of government and war and religion and all those nasty things that go along with being part of a group???

why, people might actually set themselves free! oh goodness gracious, they can't let that happen!

culture is what grows in a petri-dish

culture is what grows in a petri-dish

it's a terrible infectious disease.
it makes people think they are somehow
better than other folks.

combined with groupthink,
it creates the belief that what is different
is wrong or bad
or maybe even evil.

once you group up, you are at risk of infection.
nobody is immune.
and the war-god didn't want people to get along, so he scrambled their speech that they couldn't talk to each other, and the different groups fought each other and created war "for god and country" and the war-god was pleased, and rewarded those who were most destructive.

or so the story goes...


hanging a dream catcher on your wall doesn't make you native american. wearing feathers in your hair or t-shirts with wolves on them doesn't make you native american, either. long hair, brown skin, ceremonies, none of those things makes anyone native american either. it's either in your blood, or it isn't. and there's nothing you can do about that. be yourself.

likewise, cutting your hair and wearing a suit and tie and going to work for the man doesn't make anyone white.

just stop already with the us versus them crap. we are all in this together, every last one of us. which group you gonna try to put me in? give that a good long think. the line that divides doesn't even exist. it's all bullshit.

guru song

false premises only very rarely lead to true conclusions.
false logic, rhetoric, is meaningless and void.
some people will say anything
they think you want to hear
if there's something they want from you.

beware the feel-good bullshit
and the pushers who peddle it

you don't have to like my song
i don't need anyone to sing along
nor anyone to tell me i'm wrong

(sept 22, 2011)

Friday, September 23, 2011


mindrape would be a better word
but it would hurt people's feelings
people don't like to hear any mention
not so much that they have been subject to such abuse
but the idea that they have done it to other people
to violate a person's innermost sanctuary
their personal subjective thoughts

Thursday, September 22, 2011

what social contract?

does your membership in the group
define who you really are?
or is it a substitute
for making your own decisions
regarding what you should do
and who you should be?
who gets to decide?
do you really want
someone else deciding for you?

on capital punishment

we all know the courts are rigged. we all know the same government that writes the law doesn't have to obey their own laws. the law says don't kill. so the government kills people, to prove to us that the law doesn't apply to them.

you have government writing the laws, government employees enforcing those laws with violence, intimidation, threats, and you have government paying the judges, the prosecution, and the public defense attorneys. conflict of interest? what else would you call it?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the troll war continues

emotional triggers serve to turn off reason. troll attacks are intended to provoke reaction, rather than thought. their arguments are not based upon any kind of logic at all. likewise with political debate, most of their arguments fail to stand up to any kind of logic, but they can be most persuasive in convincing people of things they might not otherwise believe to be true (through the same use of emotional triggers)

so yes, it is my opinion that internet trolls are the lowest scum on earth, along with politicians and lawyers who use words and twisted half-truths as weapons.

but it doesn't matter what i think of them. what matters is what they are saying, and why are they saying such things? are they trying to stir shit? are they just out to upset people? are they paid by big brother to do so? lots and lots of questions, and the answers would be different for each different situation.

i've stepped in that shit too many times to wittingly do it again on purpose. i know what happens. they invite their troll friends to come gang up on me, because groupthink means they win if nobody will stand against them.

friendstacy rants on brainwashed political activists

programmed people are too predictable

by joining the group, you set yourself up against some other group. if they are familiar with the program you are running, this gives them a great advantage in that they can predict quite accurately what your next move will be.

strength is nowhere to be found in numbers. strength, any real meaningful strength is found by being true to yourself, even if that means going against the group.
especially that.

selling bullshit

rule number one in global domination, anyone who disagrees with the people in charge (in our world, the ones with lots and lots of money, the kind of money that can create public opinion and sell it through the mass media) must be crazy. attack them. never answer any of their questions, just call them names. whatever horribleness you can think of to call them.

and then rule number two comes into play: threaten them with whatever you think they fear most, should they continue to refuse to submit to whatever higher authority you want them to obey.

back to rule number one: if they aren't afraid, like they should be, they must be insane. never ever admit that anything they say makes any sense, because then you too will be subject to rule number two.

rule number three in global domination: never use logic, always trust in persuasive rhetoric and play on emotions because then you got people where you want them, afraid (see rule number two)

rule number four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten: cheat until you win