Tuesday, January 13, 2009



we all pay taxes. we know those tax dollars are being spent hand over fist to kill people who have never caused us any personal harm. we are complicit in our silence, in our consent to be governed by such a corrupt system that human lives are imagined to be expendable, in believing what we all know, deep down inside, are lies.

we knew all along that voting for obama was going to change nothing. we all knew it. we knew all along that it is utter foolishness to send money and warplanes to israel, so they can kill more palestinians. we all know it. we all know it’s wrong. propaganda exists, not to make us believe the lies, but to make us afraid to admit we disagree.

just look at the nonsense they want us to believe!! like the UN is going to stop a war that its very existence depends upon? nah… ain’t gonna happen cap’n. what needs to happen is to simply stop funding it. no more defense spending (defense, yeah right) no more war. simple. hellfire and damnation, no more defense spending, no more of that economic collapse they keep telling us about in the news….

we really could be free. we really could. so what is stopping us? i see no obstacle in the way. i only see masses of humans believing in obstacles that don’t really exist. i know. i know you know, too. problem i see is that there’s too many don’t know they know.

freedom, undefined


freedom, as i see it, means that i get to decide for myself. freedom, if it were real, would mean that nobody has higher authority over what decisions i make. freedom would mean that nobody gets to decide for me what i choose to do, or to think, or to believe is true. *and* freedom would mean that everyone, each individual person, deserves the same respect to make their own choices for themselves. i do believe in our ability to be free. not only that, but i see it as an essential need, this human instinct to be free.


freedom isn't about the majority. freedom is about each individual person choosing to stand in their own power, rather than giving that power away to abusive authorities, or to some group or organization, in the hopes they have our best interests at heart. can i realistically see humans choosing to be free? sure i can! not a problem. what i cannot realistically comprehend is how the current system that is based upon control and manipulation could ever sustain itself. it is doomed to fail from the get-go, as a flawed system it must collapse. the tricky part is, when it collapses, do we again allow another system based upon control to take its place? i believe everyone would rather be free than choose to be governed (govern means control), if they were aware that it is their choice to make for themselves.