Tuesday, June 26, 2012

if all my friends had to agree with my political views, i wouldn't have any!

you can't reasonably expect government to ever solve the problems that its existence creates.

you *can* deny the real cause of the problem and focus in on medicating the symptoms, but that won't ever make anything any better.

you *can* deny the past, live in the now, and forgo choosing your own future, but that won't ever make anything any better, either.

a new improved better brainwash program won't solve the problems of having a brainwashed society. and there is no good government that will ever come to save us from the bad government. there never was, and there never will be. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

ignorance is no excuse, and denial don't make it right

ignore-ants fucking up my world, living in fear, thinking only good thoughts, never choosing for themselves, always following the leader, denying truth in favor of pretty-sounding bullshit...

the hive mind is shattered
into a million pieces
just like the minds
of those who still defend it
not seeing the prison for what it is
and allowing it to self destruct

threats and intimidation
are the only weapons bullies have.
those threats only work
to control and manipulate us
if we become afraid.

fear, shame, denial

so the farther up the pyramid you go,
the more they know about what's really going on,
which would create more shame on them for doing it,
which keeps them from saying anything about it.

the wardens live in the same prison as the rest of us, 
they just get rewarded with status and special privileges 
we don't get.

ad hominem

i heard somebody talkin' smack about me again
it's not the first time and it won't be the last
people who know me know it's not true
and those who don't know me
...why should they care?




they are playing you all 
like pawns in their game. 
you don't even rank 
as high as a bishop, 
and they sacrifice them 
all the time. 
you are just a number.