Friday, February 28, 2014


some things cannot be rationalized
because there's nothing rational about it
it doesn't matter what you might say
your mockery doesn't change it
maybe you can't hear the music
doesn't mean there is no reason
for them to dance...

besides, it's just more divisive rhetoric
pitting you against all them others
who don't think you should decide for them
because their faith isn't up to you
nor is it up for public debate
being a personal relationship with the divine
even if you don't have one
maybe they really do
and who are you to say they're wrong?

i think i'll call this one "tolerance"
because that is what they call it, i think
when people don't act like shitheads to each other
for being different from what you think
is the right way to be.

you don't get to decide for them.