Wednesday, October 24, 2012


they will tell you exactly 
whatever they think you wanna hear.
you will eat it up faithfully, 

obediently without question.

humpty bumpty sat on a wall
puffed up big for to take the fall
from up there, couldn't believe what he saw
the shame prevented him from telling us all

Monday, October 15, 2012

why are they always telling us what to think?

if people started thinking for themselves, 
that would put all the people-programmers 
out of business. they don't want that to happen, 
they do tend to make lots of money telling you 
what to think. so there's backlash, 
much more urgent programming, 
when people show any signs of life. 
they want you to be afraid. don't let that stop you.

oct 9, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

divisive rhetoric is not debate, no matter how many times they call it that

government is nothing more than words on paper, written by liars and thieves. does anyone really expect us to believe that it matters which liar wins the race to nowhere? or do they just expect us to be afraid and stay quiet, don't think too much about it, and go back to work. 

how much money have they spent on this election campaign? and they talk about caring about people? if they really cared about people, couldn't they come up with better ways of spending all that money? 

just because we have all been fooled does not make us fools. what makes us fools is if we continue to let it happen again and again and again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

worth the effort

dig deep,
the truth is buried
under all that BS

the bigger the pile of crap,
the more they must want
to keep the truth hidden
from us all.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

more pride

you don't have to be seen in church 
to be a good christian.
and you don't have to be a christian 

to be a good person.
and you sure don't have to hate on christians, 

then call yourself tolerant.
belonging to any particular group 

does not make you better than them.

why do i hear a chorus of 
"but we really are better than them" 
ringing in my ears?

we have to believe that our group is superior, 
or else there's no reason to be in it. 
and if we aren't in the group, 
that makes us like them other ones 
who aren't in the group, the bad guys.

or would you rather i post more bob dylan songs 
so you can hear the words 
without listening to what he's trying to say?  

more ignore ants

it's called an emotional trigger
and it serves to turn off your brain
you don't have to let it work

there are other options
besides control or be controlled
but to speak of them is heresy
unthinkable! not allowed.

emotions are not your enemy
to be conquered and controlled
it is okay to be human, to feel
without being controlled

but we aren't supposed to say that
some might call it "negative" thinking
or a sin, or something
to do your own thinking for yourself

you aren't allowed to tell people to think
you are only allowed to tell people what to think

and the easiest way to do that,
to tell people what to think
is to make use of emotional triggers
because that turns off their brains  

Friday, October 5, 2012


we have to believe that our group is superior, or else there's no reason to be in it. and if we aren't in the group, that makes us like them other ones who aren't in the group, the bad guys.

and if you aren't in the group, who is gonna tell you what decisions to make? and if nobody is telling you what to do, uh....
and if nobody is telling you what to do, then you can't blame anybody else...
and if you can't blame anybody else, there wouldn't be any shame. and if there weren't any shame, there wouldn't be any pride. and if it weren't for pride, we would have no reason to belong to the group anymore...