Friday, August 22, 2008

Personal Responsibility

As a human Person and inhabitant of Planet Earth, I am hereby formally announcing that the corporation known as United States of America needs to be held accountable for its actions. According to its own laws, the government is guilty of heinous crimes against humanity in general, as well as many millions of individual persons both in the past as well as present day. The counts of murder, alone, are too numerous to ever be comprehensively documented.

How far in the red do the books have to go before such a corrupt corporate entity is forced to declare bankruptcy? Why has this not happened yet? What is wrong with us, We The People, that we would allow these atrocities to continue? Why did the entire world stand idly by and watch as the land was outright stolen from the original inhabitants of this continent? But stealing the land wasn't enough, it must be tamed, brought under human control, beaten into submission, just like The People.

I have been beaten, but I refuse to cower in fear and watch my children suffer the same abuses. I am a Person, first and foremost, I am not a slave. I am not the property of the state. I have within me a conscience, something corporations lack because they are not human. No corporate entity, not any government nor religious institution, has higher authority than the conscience that lies within each human Person. I am declaring all laws that would claim higher authority over my actions than my own conscience, null and void. I am my own authority. I signed no contract, I entered into no covenant, I uttered no spoken agreement to the terms of any objective Law. I am not obliged to obey the abusive authority of church and state.