Friday, October 18, 2013

smoke and mirrors, again

it's a model
a representation 
of what is real, 
because the models 
can be controlled
bought and sold.
truth is free
it has to be.

copy/paste from recent conversations elsewhere

you can't buy spiritual wisdom, it's not for sale. you can buy books, and you can read about other spiritual people all you want, and you can repeat the things you heard people say about it, and you can take classes even, it is not the same thing as living your own truth. nobody can give it to you what is already yours, but they can sell you a bucket o' bullshit, and if you pay enough for it you will swear you like it and even try to convince other people to buy some too.

and if you can afford the really expensive bullshit, then you might get yourself a certificate or some other qualification to start selling bullshit of your own to other idiots just like yourself, who are too fucking afraid to find their own truth. it's safer that way, and that grants some people special status above other people who can't afford the fancy stuff.


i think most people are basically good, and don't really want to hurt anybody. that's why they get so upset whenever anybody points out how their words and actions do sometimes hurt.

and so, rather than admit how they been tricked and played for fools, they must pretend their actions don't hurt anybody, and to discredit and destroy those who might raise their voices in a chorus of pain and anger that nobody wants to hear.


i think the stupid is an act.

fear is the real problem.
fear makes people act stupid.

Friday, October 4, 2013


being a juggler of clowns
is still just a part of the show
fancy parlour tricks done just so...
to entertain those in the know