Saturday, May 24, 2008

i believe in freedom

so i deleted a bunch of stuff. so what? it's just words, i have plenty more where those came from. today my thoughts are turning to FREEDOM, and it's been a while since i addressed this subject. so here goes...

I believe that:
  • freedom is the ability to make decisions
  • when we are not allowed to make our own decisions, we are not free
  • governments and religions serve to prevent people the ability to make their own decisions by inventing external objective man-made rules, laws, commandments, if you will, rather than pointing out to them that the only place answers are ever to be found is within, through introspection.
  • governments and religions and other such control-based human constructs such as mass media also serve to prevent people from being aware that it is up to them what they decide to do, to think, to believe, to act.
  • the denial of people to make their own decisions is ABUSE
  • all institutions that deny people the ability to decide things for themselves are ABUSIVE towards the very people who have been indoctrinated from childhood to believe those institutions are neccessary and good.
  • GOOD vs EVIL is the root of all lies, a false distinction that was invented for the sole purpose of controlling people, effectively preventing them from making their own decisions.
  • control-based institutions offer their subjects the false choice between two "sides" (take your pick, light vs darkness, liberal vs conservative, etc. ad infinitum)
  • control-based institutions do not allow anyone to point out any other options (through control of mass media, education, and religion)
  • people cannot make informed decisions if they are not informed nor allowed to decide.
  • information is carefully controlled. whenever anyone speaks too much truth, there is widespread attempt to misdirect, misinterpret, and dumb it down for the masses who must not be allowed to realize that the choice is theirs to make.
  • we have all been abused by the very government, education system, and mass media that we have been taught is for our own good.
  • anyone who does not OBEY the rules, the laws, is said to be bad. it becomes a sin to question authority. threats are used to enforce obedience. you will go to jail, you will burn in hell for all eternity, you won't have any friends, people will think you are weird or strange, you will be labelled with some horrible label, whatever. be AFRAID! OBEY or else.
  • unquestioning obedience to any external authority is the complete and total opposite of freedom.
  • we have been so abused as to think we are not worthy of making decisions for ourselves
  • we have been repeatedly told how bad we are, we were born sinners, we need to overcome our failings, there's something bad wrong with us if we aren't happy all the time, we are bad bad bad... and the abusive system is perpetuated.
  • abuse begets more abuse. ...but not always. it's always YOUR choice whether to allow or deny another human the freedom we all deserve.
  • lastly, i do believe that all people are "good" (because i do not believe evil exists except as a judgment people make about things and people that cause them harm) and that all people are perfectly capable of finding their own answers, making their own choices.

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