Monday, June 15, 2009

you call yourself a friend...

you pitiful little guruboy
wanting idiots to follow you
thinking you have some answers
that might help them
when you can't even help yourself
and you call yourself awakened
while you walk around in denial
with your eyes closed tight
so you can't see what's real
and you can live in your land of makebelieve
with your mindless herd of asskissers
fauning over every false platitude
that spills from your lips
words that other more eloquent
bullshit artists used to fool you
your life is a lie
you are acting out your role
no different than the sheep
you think you are so high above
you suck
you delete my comments
because you can't stand truth
you are terrified of it
because truth might set you free
and you are afraid
that if you were truly free
you would just fuck everything up
so you live the life others have told you
is the life you should lead
instead of ever thinking for yourself
and making your own decisions
you have no wisdom to share with the world
you only have pretty words and lies
trickery and deceit are the tools of your trade
you profit from the broken dreams of others
selling enlightenment to those willing to pay
(they must not know the cost of giving up
their ability to think)
i'm not buying that crap
not from you
or from any other scumbag guru
so kiss my redneck anarchist bitch ass!


Pan said...

lol, which cheek

FastDart said...

Pan hit didn't he?