Monday, September 21, 2009

names and words and pieces of paper

the NAME exists as a word on paper (see ). that's all it is. it is the belief in the paper's authority over our lives that gives it any standing.

a calling is something different. it is the name spirit whispers out to each of us. nobody else can hear it, yet it is the breath that blows down the house of cards.

just ask alice.


Anonymous said...

welcome to youtube, friendstacy. The entire site & community is based on people sharing videos with each other.

and if a starving artist can't share his art without being insulted for sharing, then what kind of community is this?

save this comment, i will do my best to have nothing to do with you ever again.

Mr. Meeble

stacy said...

i shall leave your comment, mr spammer. i did not invite you to spam me with your video. i did not invite your comment on my blog, which is totally off-topic and adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. did you afford me the same respect? or did you delete what i had to say? censorship sucks. spam sucks. go away.

Anonymous said...

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stacy said...

help! who here knows how much stacy hates fucking spam? :-P eat shit and go spam your crap somewhere else. i'm not selling anything. i'm not putting ads on my blogs (what the host site does is not in my control). i'm sure as hell not buying whatever the fuck it is you are selling.

Anonymous said...

just kill yourself now stacy you stupid ridiculous clown.. emo much? go on... do it.. i dare you

what a pathetic shit you are

stacy said...

awwwww... aren't you sweet? thanks for the comment! *smooches* them's the virtual kind, since you obviously aren't getting enough real-life pussy or you wouldn't have to waste your time posting hateful shit on my blog. <3

Anonymous said...

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