Friday, March 12, 2010

mind-numbing platitudes and dead quotes

my dear friend posted the following quote as her status at facebook:

The presence of struggle is a sure sign you've stepped away from your true path. -- Alan Cohen

the anarchist bitch replied:

are you sure about that? the presence of struggle in my life is usually a sure sign that i said some unspeakable truth that somebody else wants kept quiet. not that i stepped away from my own path, but that others would rather knock me off it.

when you know where you are going, when you are guided by your own inner voice, everyone else wants you to join them in following whatever authority has power over their lives. this is precisely how the mind control program is enforced, those who are most controlled think it is helping everyone else to learn to quietly and obediently accept the controls.

so the lack of a struggle, for me personally, means that i have stepped away from my own path and have acquiesced to following someone else's instead. sorry. i can't blindly go along with those pretty feel-good words. such platitudes exist to prevent people from doing their own thinking. so tell me, what do you really think? don't tell me what somebody else told you to think. but you know that about me already, and obviously this post was not meant for me.


stacy said...

but then again, maybe it is some folk's true path to be sheep and obediently follow the master. who am i to say?

DouglasR said...

"The absence of struggle is a sure sign your are either on the wrong path or you don't need one." Me