Tuesday, December 14, 2010

copy/paste some more

since facebook probably is not the right venue for such ramblings... here's my current status update, with comments, all of them my own, because that's just what i do when i don't have anyone else to talk to, i'll just talk to myself. i don't mind, really.

seems to me that domesticated people find comfort in the herd, they are the ones seeking Oneness, the tamed ones who have been taught to believe that what sets them apart, what makes them different from everyone else, their individuality, is something bad, undesirable, something to be eradicated at all costs.

it is this way of thinking that has been harming humanity and the entire planet on which we depend, for thousands of years now. i think it's time we stop this foolish nonsense. now.

i think it's time we stop believing in leaders, and start believing in ourselves. can you dig it? no, you probably can't. you are probably terrified of the very idea that YOU are worthy of being believed in. it is your fear that prevents you from living up to your full potential as a human being. it is your fear that keeps you in line, obediently following someone else's lead.

the idea of a "greater good" is a trick. an old old trick from way way back long time. it is this notion that the group can accomplish what individuals cannot that prevents us from accomplishing anything at all. the false divisions that create the groups is what also creates war. your group. doesn't matter which one. they all are part of the same war. that war is against all of humanity, the entire planet and every living thing on it.

and i find it most highly unusual that it is the same ones so strongly believing in the good of their group, and in the evilness of the opposition, that also talk the loudest about Oneness. what a mindsplit!! you know those contradictions are what prevents thinking from happening. you know that. i know you do.

i had a college professor kept an empty jar on his desk. on the label, it said "unsolved paradoxes" :-)

when you quote your dead hero (pick one, there's lots of dead heroes from which to choose), it's hearsay. you are quoting what somebody else said he said, and since he's dead, he can't defend himself against the stupid things people say and do in his name.

what's even worse, is that english speaking people quote their dead heroes who didn't even speak english. so it's not just what somebody else said he said, it's a vague translation of what somebody else said he might have said, as if his native language can be stuffed into the tiny box of expression the english language affords.

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You'll want to add a facebook button to your blog. I just bookmarked this article, although I had to complete it manually. Simply my $.02 :)

- Robson