Monday, August 1, 2011

multi-level marketing pyramid scam

bullshit salesmen abhor anyone
who might want to do their own thinking.
"democracy" means that
whoever convinces the most people
that their shit don't stink
gets to play banker
and control all the other players
who want some of that rose-scented bullshit.

who you gonna vote for?



Anonymous said...


I know that this would be the world that I already inhabit. All that is needed is a morphic resonance quantity and humanity will simply make the leap. It is good to talk about it though. I know it is hard for the "masses" to really believe such a world is possible but I believe.


stacy said...

i sometimes think you can't make it happen if you don't believe in it. but then i sometimes just know deep down inside it is happening, whether people believe in it or not. i think that is what scares people. and if they are afraid, this future is gonna suck real bad for them. talking about it helps. thanks deb