Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the key to the future,_Tennessee (you'll have to check the link after their little protest thing) ...because i'm sick of hearing lopsided news all the time. this is the world i see. when i was a little girl, copperhill was the deadest place i had ever seen, not a single living thing, no plants, nothing. it's green there now. i remember used to be there was piles of old tires on the banks of creeks and streams, mountains of garbage on the side of the road was not an unusual site to see. it's not there anymore, everything is green. there are birds of prey inhabiting my suburbian neighborhood. never saw them around here back then either. big fat healthy birds. tell me again how the world is supposed to end? do you really believe that?

but that's no excuse for them to keep cutting down all the trees. f*ing idiots never heard of easter island?

‎(friendstacy said before)
the sad thing is that people believe (quote) "The sad thing is that this used to be "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

it never was. what people can't see is how things really are getting better. while the image being presented through media etc is becoming more real, making it look like it's getting worse.

hey i know some of y'all remember that oily slime that would float on top of the water in the river? sure, the ag runoff is real nasty and you can't see it, but it used to be so much worse. things are getting better.

healing happens when you take away the stuff that hurts. healing happens in its own time. you can't force it, you can't make it happen, but you can stop doing things that prevent healing from happening. that is your choice.

just look... see things the way they are and not the way the propaganda machine thinks you should see. it's very exhausting, to plow through the BS constantly, because it is everywhere. but you do have eyes of your own and a mind of your own, too. use them wisely. they are the key to your future, and if you aren't using that key, who is?

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