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independence? WTF?!!
Posted on Jul 4th, 2009 by boogie : anarchist boogie
This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for July 04, 2009:

in 1776, a bunch of rich white guys got together, see. and they made a contract with some other rich white guys on the other side of the ocean, see. and they signed this contract between themselves, giving them authority to control people's lives. but i didn't sign that contract. i wasn't there. my ancestors didn't sign that contract, either. they were deliberately left out of the proceedings altogether. but somehow, everyone thinks it's binding. it don't even obey it's own rules!

so we had this here "revolutionary war" (which is really strange, as both "sides" instead of fighting each other, were simply killing off the natives in vast quantities to clear the land for exploitation). and this war created a huge debt. and this debt enslaved the population to the banks, and to the very king they claimed "independence" from!

wait! what the fuck was the question again? hahahaha
"independence" is a joke, but it's not very funny. it's one of those words that means the exact opposite what we are told it means. like liberty, and justice, and rights. it's a trick. a con. maybe that's why they call it the CONstitution?

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