Saturday, October 6, 2012

more pride

you don't have to be seen in church 
to be a good christian.
and you don't have to be a christian 

to be a good person.
and you sure don't have to hate on christians, 

then call yourself tolerant.
belonging to any particular group 

does not make you better than them.

why do i hear a chorus of 
"but we really are better than them" 
ringing in my ears?

we have to believe that our group is superior, 
or else there's no reason to be in it. 
and if we aren't in the group, 
that makes us like them other ones 
who aren't in the group, the bad guys.

or would you rather i post more bob dylan songs 
so you can hear the words 
without listening to what he's trying to say?  

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