Thursday, May 23, 2013

without belief in a one-world-religion, the people are not going to buy a one-world-government.

those who can only see their reflection are effectively blind.

it is the nature of the brainwash program to deny that it even exists. because once you recognize the attempt to control your mind, it doesn't work anymore.

religion is the objectification of spiritual experience, which is purely subjective. as such, it is a flawed model, inacurrately reflecting what is true, and not truth itself. models can be useful, but not when they get confused with that which they are reflecting. even the most perfect mirror can only give you an ass backwards reflection of what is real.

 and like all the other models, religion, government, social structure, all of them, they are all about control, and do not factor freedom into the equation. freedom throws it all out the window, if people were to decide for themselves.... well, then all those people who make it their job to decide for everyone else would be out of work.

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