Monday, June 10, 2013

yesterday's facebook rant

when people allow themselves to be led, they don't get to decide where they are going.

i dreamt about giving birth last night. twice, two different/same dreams about having a baby. not a reliving of my own two very different birth experiences, something different. but like the birth of my second daughter attended by midwives at the hippie farm, these not-my-births were so very empowering. and i woke up with the realization that is what frightens people (the men who are in charge of hospitals and governments and armies and such) the most about natural childbirth, that a woman, even a teeny tiny little woman like myself, can do such a thing and not only live through it, but actually want to do it again. their power only comes from their size, or their wealth, but not from any inner fortitude. that's what frightens them. that is why we are a threat, to be beaten down into submission. because unleashed, what might that kind of power do? they are afraid, and don't realize real power isn't about hurting other people. so they puff themselves up, to appear larger, stronger, more powerful by the standard definition, to compensate for all that fear eating them up inside. that's what i think.

i think bullies are cowards. i think the fear is what makes them dangerous, because strong emotional triggers serve only to turn off the brain.

no matter how big and dumb you are, no matter how many guns you have, you can't command the continuance of the human species. that is up to the women. that frightens them, too. so they call it "murder" to decide not to have a baby, etc. and they treat pregnant women like inmates and hospitals are run like prisons, all just to dehumanize the women, to put us in our place, beneath them.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 9:07am

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