Tuesday, February 3, 2009

on groupthink, or herd mentality


[groupthink] involves believing that the members of your group are superior than people who are not in your group. (to say that some are “higher evolved” or “spiritually enlightened” is a prime example of this) groupthink also involves mind-control …. oh, but nobody wants to talk about that subject. i got some blogs i wrote, some articles i copied, too… mob enforcement of the rules. it involves giving away your freedom to act and think as you see fit in order to belong to the group. and that is my main problem, being an anarchist and all.


forming groups does not unify us, it divides us (us being all of humanity)! those who seek unity and world peace usually do so by forming some group or organization, and that act of separating themselves from others goes counter to the original intent of the group! but it feels good to be part of something, doesn't it? we don't want to be told how we are being manipulated and controlled, oh no, it's my choice, i'm doing the “right” thing, i care… yeah well, people need to start thinking about how the structure of our society harms humanity, rather than just taking it for granted that's how it is and how it should be and always will be.


seemingly everyone does it to some extent, everyone who justifies their beliefs with “the Bible says” … and you know good and well that is no different than “my teacher/guru says” … proselytizing is all the same religious indoctrination through fear of the consequences, regardless the outward appearance…. the worst are the ones who claim they don't do it, who think their religion is the ONE TRUTH that applies equally to all people, thus making it okay, this sort of religious exclusivism, it's even written into their rules (and they call it “helping” when they try to convert you to their beliefs)…


religion serves to prevent us from finding truth, within. sure, they say things to the contrary, they always do, them that tell lies. and the reason they tell those lies is because they are too afraid to find their own subjective truth, they feel that the objective Law that rules their lives should rule everyone's life. it's a lack of respect, mostly for themselves, they doubt their own ability to find their own truth. and it illustrates a profound lack of respect towards anyone and everyone who does not share their religious beliefs, to have this desire to convert, to preach their wisdom to others, thinking their subjective truth applies objectively to others.

it's about a lack of respect. gotta say it again, i suppose. because when you do find your own inner truth, it doesn't matter what anyone else says about it. you just KNOW. and knowing that your truth is not dependent upon what anyone else holds to be true, you gain respect for those who have found their own personal truth. this outrageous attempt to share your wisdom with others, to expect them to believe the things that are true for you, is symptom of a lack of connection to what is true. it's an ego thing.


communication is not about reaching a consensus and calling it “truth”
communication is about trying to find your own words to describe your own experience, so that you may share it with others. not to convert them to the truth of what you know, but to learn more about the things you don't know. <3


American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This

To convert (a person) from one belief, doctrine, cause, or faith to another.


a method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs

it's called euphemism… get a grip.
not only that, but brainwashing is when you attempt to change an adult from one beleif system to another. when it is done to children we call it “education”

it happens all the time, everywhere, people don't just lie to others, they lie to themselves. pretend that what they do is okay because everyone does it, or pretend they aren't doing what everyone else is doing, or justify them doing it, because it's different when we do it, we are the good people and they're the bad ones.

the original meaning of the word “anarchy” meant freedom. so why is it that myspace blocks any images with that word in the filename? it violates their terms of use, apparently they think it is “violent and offensive material”
why is freedom not allowed?


Anonymous said...

"(to say that some are “higher evolved” or “spiritually enlightened” is a prime example of this) groupthink ..."

Ha Ha How many times have I heard that some are “higher evolved” or “spiritually enlightened” at my friends Spiritual events.

Quote: "forming groups does not unify us,..."

You are so good at writing I expect you are “higher evolved” or “spiritually enlightened”
Oooooooooppps sorry. I didnt mean to write that.


stacy said...

my husband would say, "if you're good at pumping gas, pump gas"

meaning, everyone is good at something. we all have different gifts. that doesn't make anyone better than anyone else, though.