Sunday, February 15, 2009

government is nothing more than words on paper, written by liars and thieves

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my family has a story, i bet yours does too, but it probably doesn't agree with the official history. my family's story turns history on its ear. everything they taught us in school is upside down and backwards. we can start in jamestown, since i know the paper trail goes at least that far back, but the story goes back much, much farther.

i pay taxes on a small piece of land that has been in my family since before white men came to north america. i'm still not sure why, or how this makes any sense. there was a settler at jamestown virginia who fell in love with and married a native woman. this isn't surprising, considering there weren't any other women around, only men and boys were allowed onboard seagoing vessels. ship captains were mighty superstitious about that. there's monsters in those waters, and women bleed. you don't want your little wooden boat smelling of blood, do you? oh no. well, anyway, this settler's wife, her family grew tobacco. he was making himself quite a little bundle selling the indian tobacco to the other settlers. and well, there was a dispute over the price he was charging them. so they locked him up in the boat there, to await trial. somebody in the family has his diaries. i've seen a photocopy of some of the pages. he mostly wrote about his wife, how beautiful she was, how intelligent she was, how fast she was learning to read and write english, what books they were reading. he asked john smith to bring back more books, when he returned from england with more supplies. he did not take the charges against him very seriously. they hung him without a trial, and brutalized his wife, left her for dead on the boat used as her husband's prison, adrift at sea. this is the story i was told. this is how government works. this is what was done to all of us, not just the native americans, but your ancestors, as well. she survived (which is more than you can say for most of the men at jamestown), and gave birth to twins...

in 1714 "Governor Spotswood appointed the Reverend Charles Griffin as schoolmaster to educate and christianize the Indian children in the first Christian Indian School in Virginia."

we were "christianized" and made to be ashamed. the spirits of our ancestors, who are here to help guide us and help us, we were told are suffering eternity in hell because they didn't pray to the right god.

"When I was a boy, the Sioux owned the world. The sun rose and set on their land; they sent ten thousand men to battle. Where are the warriors today? Who slew them? Where are our lands? Who owns them?"
~ Sitting Bull


stacy said...

my dad’s family didn’t have to pretend to be white, it wasn’t long before everyone thought they were anyway, because of their reddish color hair…
then shame took care of all the rest.

there’s a story i gotta tell. it’s not easy, but it’s gotta be done. i was hoping i’d have help telling it, i know there must be others somewhere who know it too. but help never came.

Pan said...

I totally agree it could be so much nicer than it is, the sense and value of home and heritage as been stolen by capitalist to furnish their own comfort to the detriment and institutionalized impedance of everything natural and natural beings is all we are. Ownership is false, law is false, education is false, healthcare is false, priorities are false and destruction is very much the nature of everything we carry to limit our own potential to significance as common beings, with common value, common honor equal between all shareholders of life and not the instruments of death and abuse oppression is composed of.