Tuesday, March 10, 2009

questions for david miliband

as my comment may or may not be approved by the moderators on his blog at fco.gov.uk, i'm posting it here.

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dear mr. miliband,

i don't understand how we are supposed to believe that the institutions which rely upon war in order to govern us all, how are we supposed to believe these governments are going to ever make the war stop?

likewise, i don't understand how the institutions which created this current economic crisis are expected to fix the problems that they created? how does this make any sense?

if i took my car to a mechanic, and in the process of fixing one problem, they created a worse one that caused the engine to explode, i don't think i would be taking my car back to that same garage again. would you? but this seems to be what the public is expected to accept without question, if the media is any indication of anything at all.

as far as helping those whose lives have been devastated by war, i think it would be far more effective to stop bombing the place. how does that fit in your plan? are we supposed to pretend that the huge sums currently being spent on waging war are justified by throwing some, in comparison much smaller, amount at humanitarian aid?

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stacy said...

oh dear, they won't post my comment? so what did i do, but attempt another one! hahahaha


everyone knows that president obama is proceeding exactly as has been scripted out for him. isn't he a pretty puppet? but the masses aren't nearly as hypnotized by his lies as the media wants you to think. so far, everything his administration has actually done has been the opposite of what they say they are going to do. the people aren't fools, no matter how foolish the teevee makes us look and feel. we've been tricked too many times before, it's not going to work again.

imperialism never ended. you all just came up with fancy new words to talk about it with. there is no intention to make the war end. without war, there would no longer be any need for governments. even if you do manage to switch from physical abuse (violence) to psychological abuse (brainwashing) in attempt to assimilate the entire world with your globalist agenda, it's still war. it's a war against our very own humanity. and it affects us all, every one of us, no matter who we are or where we live or to what god(s) we might pray. we all want the same thing, to be free. the purpose of wars, and of the governments that wage them, is to prevent freedom from ever becoming reality.