Sunday, January 23, 2011

look, here's the deal

i want the war to stop. i want the shooting and bombing and killing to stop, that's only part of the war being waged against humanity. i want the unending stream of propaganda every fucking where you look to stop, that's part of the same war. i want the economic terrorism and financial abuses to stop. what are all those things if not war? just stop it already. the system we have is not ever going to work but for the few at the top of the heirarchies, all the little heirarchies that feed into the bigger global conspiracy talk stuff. all that conspiracy talk, it's real. we all know that by now. we know government doesn't work. we know there is no good government. period. we know all this now. the internet has granted us access to information which was previously very hard to come by. okay, so what are we gonna do about it, now that we know all these things we didn't know before? i'm not settling for anything less than peace, no more war. don't give me some watered-down perfumed lipstick-on-a-pig dictatorship while the war wages on like what fooled so many previous generations, i'm not with that. we know better than that now.

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Anonymous said...

As Robert Higgs has documented, imperialist wars end only when they run out of treasure or bodies and not a minute sooner.

Which is why WW1 was such a historical catastrophe. Both sides were exhausted and were ready to sue for an equitable peace because they had no choice. But then the Americans came in on one side.

- Papillon