Sunday, January 30, 2011

on current events in egypt

i've not said much about the news. we'll have to see what happens. if fox news was correct in reporting the riots were connected to al-quaida, then we know it's all a cia/tavistock covert operation to trick the people, as per plato's script that keeps repeating, with the notion of a good government to save them from the bad government. but we know that never really works, does it? it never has. it never will. the winner will write history, and that history will make their side the good guys, and the other side the bad guys. that's how it always plays out. and since it's a flawed system, it will surely collapse, and the new "good guys" will write their version of history, and nothing ever really changes.

but, just maybe, the people are ready for freedom. gosh, i sure hope so. i hope egypt proves me wrong, and stops following the script and living the lives chosen for them by authority. i do believe it's possible. we shall just have to wait and see...

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