Thursday, November 3, 2011

facebook poetry

i find it impossible to believe that government will ever be able to solve the problems that its existence creates. it's not about hurting your feelings, it's about being lied to for too long.

when we believe lies, it not only hurts ourselves, but it hurts everyone else who hears those lies when we repeat them.

and they repeat those same lies, not knowing how much it hurts, and pretty soon you have fabricated public opinion. mass media only speeds up the process.

i said "ow!" and they told me to shut up, they would rather believe the lies than admit how much they have contributed to perpetuating the pain.

you are responsible for the words you use that hurt. accusing me of hurting you by pointing that out is not fair, but it is symptomatic of the abuses we have all endured living in this society that is based upon control rather than on any kind of real freedom.

now tell me again about this imaginary good government that is gonna come save us from the bad government. do you think i haven't already heard it a thousand times before?

"but this time it's different" .... yeah, we heard that before, too.

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