Tuesday, March 11, 2014


a very young,
very messed up girl
fell deeply and madly in love
with a very messed up man
even as messed up as she was
she knew that together
they would only get worse
so she set off to get better
without him.
she found some one
just one, but that's enough
who was kind to her
and who allowed her
the space and time
needed to heal
and she got better
and lived happily ever after
the man in her dreams
(who wasn't really there
when she needed him)
chose differently
and he never got better.


he never knew
but he showed me
he never looked
to see it himself
he never knew
what was there
all along, forgotten
ignored, denied
he didn't know
he never saw
i didn't know
he was too much
a coward!
afraid to look
inside his own heart
to find the love
he thought he never had

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