Saturday, March 8, 2014

too late (from november, 2013)

it's not sad, it's too late to be sad
for the drug addicted star that self destructed
like all the other drug addicted famous people
the ones you hear about in the news every day

you are sad because you want to believe
in the lie they call the american dream
but it's as dead as that junkie whore
who sold her soul to the silver screen

that's what is so sad
is that nobody noticed
when she really died
drugs kept her animated
as though she were alive
but something inside her
died long before that
maybe it was hope that died
that spark inside
that keeps us going
the ones who survive
and leaves the rest
lying in the dust

but wait! there's more!
you can get a free ipad
with orthodontal work
or discount botox injections
yeah, maybe that will help

we don't need more dead heroes...
dead poets, dead artists, dead rock stars
another dead mystic to hang from a tree


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