Sunday, September 25, 2011

culture is what grows in a petri-dish

culture is what grows in a petri-dish

it's a terrible infectious disease.
it makes people think they are somehow
better than other folks.

combined with groupthink,
it creates the belief that what is different
is wrong or bad
or maybe even evil.

once you group up, you are at risk of infection.
nobody is immune.
and the war-god didn't want people to get along, so he scrambled their speech that they couldn't talk to each other, and the different groups fought each other and created war "for god and country" and the war-god was pleased, and rewarded those who were most destructive.

or so the story goes...


hanging a dream catcher on your wall doesn't make you native american. wearing feathers in your hair or t-shirts with wolves on them doesn't make you native american, either. long hair, brown skin, ceremonies, none of those things makes anyone native american either. it's either in your blood, or it isn't. and there's nothing you can do about that. be yourself.

likewise, cutting your hair and wearing a suit and tie and going to work for the man doesn't make anyone white.

just stop already with the us versus them crap. we are all in this together, every last one of us. which group you gonna try to put me in? give that a good long think. the line that divides doesn't even exist. it's all bullshit.


Anonymous said...

as far as the Babel tower, here is the antidote

would you like to be put in this groop ?

stacy said...

i have a problem with groups. it's very similar to the problem i have with authority, where it's really their problem they have with me doing my own thinking for myself.