Sunday, September 25, 2011

friendstacy rants on non-violence

(from sep 12 of this year)

"non-violence" historically refers to passive-aggressive methods of control, not to any kind of real peace. to call them "peacemakers" these men who make psychological war against entire nations of people, is an offense against all my sensibilities.
and even with the contradictions staring you in the face, yet you still cling to the lies.

if you didn't have the power of the group standing behind the things you say, would it still have any meaning? would you could you stand up for the things they tell you to believe, the things you claim are true? are you a human, or are you simply a parrot who has been trained to repeat fancy words?
(i shouldn't say that, parrots deserve more respect than that.)
would you could you stand up, alone, for the things you say you believe are true?
or can you only offer fancy quotes, things other people told you to believe?

grouplings are cowards and bullies
of course, it is in the programming that they must deny that is so.

can you imagine the ruckus that would ensue as a result of bullies admitting they are cowards? why, they would have to stop treating people like shit, wouldn't they? and then what would be left of government and war and religion and all those nasty things that go along with being part of a group???

why, people might actually set themselves free! oh goodness gracious, they can't let that happen!


Anonymous said...

me again....

for freedom, have a look at this :


stacy said...

i love stefbot! been subscribed to him at youtube for a long time. thanks :-)