Sunday, September 18, 2011

the troll war continues

emotional triggers serve to turn off reason. troll attacks are intended to provoke reaction, rather than thought. their arguments are not based upon any kind of logic at all. likewise with political debate, most of their arguments fail to stand up to any kind of logic, but they can be most persuasive in convincing people of things they might not otherwise believe to be true (through the same use of emotional triggers)

so yes, it is my opinion that internet trolls are the lowest scum on earth, along with politicians and lawyers who use words and twisted half-truths as weapons.

but it doesn't matter what i think of them. what matters is what they are saying, and why are they saying such things? are they trying to stir shit? are they just out to upset people? are they paid by big brother to do so? lots and lots of questions, and the answers would be different for each different situation.

i've stepped in that shit too many times to wittingly do it again on purpose. i know what happens. they invite their troll friends to come gang up on me, because groupthink means they win if nobody will stand against them.

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