Wednesday, February 13, 2008

liberal vs. conservative - a false distinction

Due to recent issues with my blogs at (formerly zaadz) and at myspace, I will now undertake the task of copy and pasting whatever things I said those places that I want to keep in case those other blogs get disappeared or something.

the division of politics into “right” and “left,” “liberal” and “conservative” is a false distinction. Both sides are pro-government, in support of the very system that enslaves the people. Fighting amongst ourselves over such false divides is what prevents us from doing anything about the situation we find ourselves to be in. If we are for the people, we must necessarily be against government. Government serves the ruling elite, there is no denying that fact any longer, if it ever were possible (because people have been having these same discussions for many centuries, if not longer). Government serves The State, which power comes from individual people sacrificing their own individual freedoms for the good of the group. Well, as Thoreau said, when the people no longer need government, there will no longer be any government. And then Santayana and Pierce and James and those folks took up the chorus, added a few new ideas, and then later, King and Kennedy and them folks, too. It's nothing new, what I'm talking about. It's just that so few people ever feel comfortable discussing such matters. People don't like being told of how they are slaves, willing slaves, and how their lives are not free. People get very angry, upset, and often violent when you try to tell them these truths. They would much prefer to believe in an illusion of freedom, call it Liberty or Justice if you must, those things only resemble freedom in that is what they want you to believe. But it's up to you, each one of us, to decide for ourselves what to believe. I'm not believing all the lies anymore, I can't go back now, I've come too far to turn around and just give up hope.

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