Wednesday, February 13, 2008

why Ron Paul ain't no better'n them rest of 'em

Ron Paul will win. And it won't matter who or how many vote for him. They've already decided, and they're feeding it to us bit by bit, slowly, so the sheeple won't be suprised when it is announced. It doesn't matter who you vote for!! It's a LIE! Your votes are never counted!! That has been proven TWICE now, already. Are we going to fall for it a third time? I'm not.

This grassroots movement is also a LIE! It's the new propaganda, and it's sneakier than the old kind, and it's really working, else you all wouldn't be here spouting off about some politician gonna fix the government that is far too broken to ever be fixed. Voting for Ron Paul means you think the system is fixable and that it can work. Thing is, the system was never intended to work!! It never did work and it never will. Bush didn't win either election, yet he's been president seven years now. What is wrong with this picture?

USA is not a democracy, it is a Republic, just like Plato explained. It's not about what is good for us, it's about making us think we want the abuse those in power dish out. The constitution never gave anyone freedom, the sole purpose was to make the people willingly give away their freedoms for the good of the state.

Ron Paul is just the only alternative they are offering us to a militaristic police state. Who can possibly choose anyone else? It's a trick. You have your choice between bad, really really bad, and criminally insane. We'd all be insane to elect the other two options, who can argue that? And since when has a candidate's campaign promises ever made a hill of beans of difference? It is your choice to believe the lies or not. Same as it is mine. I refuse to be manipulated by a phoney sense of making a difference, when voting means you give up your right to do anything about the government yourself, putting your faith in someone else. Be the change doesn't mean vote for someone else to do it for you. Do it yourself.

here's an example: say there's a pothole in the street outside your house. You have several options available to you. You can sit at home and call the government, expecting someone to eventually come around and fix the problem. You can stand out in the street yelling at the top of your lungs about it. Or you can get up off your sorry ass, grab a shovel, and fill the hole yourself. Voting amounts to waiting for someone else to fix the problem. Protesting amounts to screaming in the streets. A real change means people actually doing something themselves to make a difference. The choice is yours, and mine, and everyone else's, to make for ourselves, each of us.


they have been spinning it so's to make us accept Ron Paul as our next President. I have no doubt they intend for him to “win” (but we all know, deep down inside, they don't even count our votes). Ron Paul is the new frontman, no less a puppet than Ronald Reagan, representing the same global ruling elite. The new propaganda uses personal blogs and forwarded emails to create a certain public image, and to present as facts anything they want us to think. They tell us he's the only alternative to a militaristic police state. They tell us the Constitution guarantees us freedom. It's all LIES! The government is what caused all the problems, how can anyone expect government to fix the problems it created in the first place?!!

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James J. Fire said...

Bertand Russell was, as I call them, a 'goblin' or globalist, socialist, a thief and robber of the average man's (and woman's) personal sovereignty.

In the blog above, I have several articles that relate to Goblins, their "Plan" and how they all relate to our current, and future reality.

I welcome your comments, and insights.